B2B Online

In cooperation with UMG Code | 2014

B2B Online is a web application that helps you analyze financial reports, ownership structure, connections, and other due diligence related data for companies on the Serbian market.

After the client came to us with rough wireframes, my job was to improve them, create visual design and code responsive frontend.


Using the data acquired during shareholder interviews, I developed a framework that contained the main principles application should follow. Some of the principles behind the design were:


Navigation structure proposed by the client consists of two-levels-deep nested menus and provides advantages that are insignificant in comparison to complexity it can introduce. By reorganizing structure and combining related views in common groups, I have managed to drastically reduce amount of options and create navigational structure consisting of single-level menu that contained all the necessary options.

Data correlation

The interface is data heavy, and I needed a way to make the data easily readable and understandable in the accordance with the design principles previously mentioned.

One of the examples is the use of sparklines to show the temporal variation in dense tables. Furthermore, I have implemented background bar charts as a mean to easily compare large sets of quantifiable data in tables.

Live version can be found on www.b2bonline.rs.

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